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Cala'n Turqueta, a turquoise sea as if it were a precious stone!

In today's blog, we will introduce you to another beautiful cove in the south of Menorca, a spectacular spot that is well worth a visit.

A small cove of fine white sand, another one with a clean turquoise sea (its name already seems to speak of this colour), so characteristic of the south of Menorca. Another beautiful beach with no services whatsoever, surrounded by pine trees right down to the sand of the beach and with somewhat limited access by sea due to the capacity of its small bay.

It is a shallow beach with extremely clean and transparent waters, with a small car park about a kilometre away. It takes about 15/20 minutes walking to reach this beautiful spot. Its situation as a cove is the same as Macarella and Macarelleta (its neighbours on the left). At the height of the season it is a very popular place, to the point that the local authorities have done the same to access it (a bus service from the centre of Ciutadella).

This transport service is usually operative from the 1st of June until the end of September, a service that I suppose is going to be extended in time due to the continuous demand to get to this beach. The other way to get there is from the other neighbouring beach (Son Saura), a route that we do not recommend during the hottest months because it is more than three kilometres of walking in the sun and it is one of the few areas in the south of Menorca where the pine forest does not reach the coast.

Like all the other coves in Menorca (except Macarella), there are no services of any kind on this beach (there is only a lifeguard), although there is a small kiosk in the car park, but they do not serve food (only drinks, ice-creams and snacks). What this means is that to spend the day "in paradise", you need to be equipped with drinks, food and good shade, as the pine trees on the beach are not big enough for all the visitors who flock to this idyllic spot.

If you come to Ca s'Arader, we will be happy to show you how to get to this beautiful cove with crystal clear waters!

You can contact us through our website - or by phone at +34 670 222 115, also by Whattsapp or Telegram at the same number.


Ca s’Arader is named after Menorca’s artisan carpenters that used the wood from the indigenous wild olive tree to make all kinds of farming tools. In the olden days it was an essential role for the islands economy that was passed on from fathers to sons. Today, the few artisan carpenters or araders that are left, mostly make gates, tables, benches or stalls amongst other items.