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Discover the Magic of Ciutadella de Menorca at Hotel Ca s'Arader

Welcome to a destination that will steal your heart: Ciutadella de Menorca. Immerse yourself in the authentic essence of this charming town, and let us take you on a unique experience at Hotel Ca s'Arader.

Hotel Ca s'Arader: A Charming Corner with Hospitality

Imagine a place where comfort meets tradition, and hospitality is more than a service: it is a philosophy of life. That's what you'll find at Hotel Ca s'Arader. This charming accommodation offers you much more than just a stay; it is an invitation to experience Ciutadella de Menorca from its heart.

Reasons to choose Hotel Ca s'Arader:

Rustic Elegance: Hotel Ca s'Arader perfectly combines contemporary elegance with the rustic charm of the local architecture. Every corner tells a story, immersing you in Menorca's rich tradition.

Personalised Service: At this hotel, you are not just a guest, you are part of our family. Personalised service is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that every moment of your stay is unforgettable.

Privileged Location: Located in the heart of Ciutadella, you can discover the city on foot, explore its charming streets and immerse yourself in local life.

Explore Ciutadella: Beyond Hotel Comfort

Ciutadella is much more than a tourist destination; it is a journey through time, where history and modernity intertwine harmoniously. From Hotel Ca s'Arader, you can discover the authentic life of the city, explore its market and night markets, enjoy the local culture and relax on the beautiful beaches and coves that we will recommend to you every day.

Why should you choose Hotel Ca s'Arader?

Because here, in the heart of Ciutadella, you will find more than just a place to rest. Hotel Ca s'Arader is the gateway to an experience that will awaken your senses and connect you with the true essence of Menorca.

Book today at Hotel Ca s'Arader and discover why our hospitality and charm will make you come back again and again, we are waiting for you to live a unique experience in Ciutadella de Menorca!


Ca s’Arader is named after Menorca’s artisan carpenters that used the wood from the indigenous wild olive tree to make all kinds of farming tools. In the olden days it was an essential role for the islands economy that was passed on from fathers to sons. Today, the few artisan carpenters or araders that are left, mostly make gates, tables, benches or stalls amongst other items.