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Menorca, a wonderful island located in the western Mediterranean, where we can see a clean sky without any kind of pollution. Starligth destination since 2019, it is an ideal destination to enjoy stargazing. Menorca, an island free of pollution, can offer us this pleasure by observing the sky as it was done in the past by travellers and sailors.


The company Lumínica Ambiental was in charge of studying the skies of Menorca and carried out several audits to confirm that the island had areas of maximum darkness and therefore, an ideal destination for stargazing. Starligth destination certificates are those awarded by the foundation of the same name, whose aim is to protect the sky and disseminate astronomy. 


Starlight destinations are those tourist destinations where you can observe the starry sky in excellent conditions, and Menorca is one of them. The parameters that these destinations must meet are as follows:


Low light pollution or areas of maximum darkness.

Atmospheric clarity.

The transparency of the skies.

The level of extinction of the light emitted by the stars when they cross the earth's atmosphere.

Low cloud cover to allow for star observation.

The infrastructures available to find and access these observation areas.

Tourist activities related to the sky and integrated with nature.


These are all requirements that Menorca more than meets. Being a Starligth Destination makes Menorca a place to attract very sustainable tourism, linked very directly to its status as a Biosphere Reserve. Furthermore, the great virtue of our island is that the sky can be observed all year round. Pollution is scarce in these parts.


If you want to enjoy Menorca as a Starligth destination, come to Hotel Ca s'Arader, we will advise you how to discover the wonderful and clean sky of Menorca. You can contact us through the web, or through our e.mail, or even through our whatsapp, +34 670 222 115. We are waiting for 


Ca s’Arader is named after Menorca’s artisan carpenters that used the wood from the indigenous wild olive tree to make all kinds of farming tools. In the olden days it was an essential role for the islands economy that was passed on from fathers to sons. Today, the few artisan carpenters or araders that are left, mostly make gates, tables, benches or stalls amongst other items.