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Leaving the cove of Morella Nou to the south along the Camí de Cavalls (still in the east of Menorca) we reach the cove de En Cavaller (we are still in the Albufera de es Grau Natural Area of Special Interest). This cove, located between Morro de sa Falconera and Cap de Mossén Vives, is basically a cove of grey rocks and no sand, without any kind of services and whose recommended access is only by the Camí de Cavalls (the inner path passes through estates whose access is private). 

This cove is protected from the north winds by the Cape of Mossén Vives and is only affected by easterly winds. During the hot months it is not advisable to visit it if you are not well prepared with food, water and above all something that provides some shade. Nor is it advisable to access by boat as there are many rocks in the area and anchoring is complicated and difficult. It is a very little frequented cove, but it is a good destination for those who are looking for surface snorkelling, as its rocky bottom is very attractive. 

It is an area of low vegetation and very resistant due to the frequent and continuous wind in the area. It is also an area rich in fauna due to its proximity to the Albufera des Grau. As soon as we reach this small bay from the north, we will recognise it by a rocky mound crowned by a dry wall that seems to separate it from a previous cove and just after this small rocky headland. Just beyond this rocky headland, a little hidden among the vegetation, we will find a small building. 

From the Favaritx lighthouse you have to calculate a distance of about 5 km and an hour and a half's walk at a good pace. It can also be reached from the south (Es Grau) but the distance is much longer and therefore less recommendable, especially in summer.

If you are attracted by such an isolated and peculiar place, come to Menorca, do not hesitate to come to Ca s'Arader, or and we will show you how to get there and enjoy this peculiar place. We are waiting for you!


Ca s’Arader is named after Menorca’s artisan carpenters that used the wood from the indigenous wild olive tree to make all kinds of farming tools. In the olden days it was an essential role for the islands economy that was passed on from fathers to sons. Today, the few artisan carpenters or araders that are left, mostly make gates, tables, benches or stalls amongst other items.