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As I promised you in June, today we are going to talk about a very Menorcan recipe and tell you a little about its history. The mayonnaise sauce.

The mayonnaise sauce is an emulsion based on egg and oil, generally seasoned with vinegar or lemon juice and salt. Its origin has been the subject of debate on many occasions, but it is commonly attributed to the city of Mahón, on the island of Menorca, Spain. Although there are several theories about its creation, the most widely accepted is that the recipe was taken to France by the Duke of Richelieu. On 18 April 1756, the Duke of Richelieu (grandnephew of the famous Cardinal) disembarked in Ciutadella, at the head of 12,000 men and almost 200 ships. 

His name was François Armand de Vignerot du Plessis (1696-1788), Duke of Richelieu and commander of the French land troops in the battle between England and France for control of Menorca. In little more than a month Richelieu lived up to both his reputation as a great military man, defeating the English, and his notorious reputation as a womaniser. At the age of 60 and only three days after setting foot on dry land, the marshal fell in love with a Menorcan woman. And a salsa. Or first the sauce and then the Menorcan who served it to him. We don't know exactly. The mayonnaise sauce spread and became popular all over the world.

Let's get on with the important stuff, here is the basic recipe for making a homemade mayonnaise sauce:


1 egg at room temperature.

1 cup olive oil.

1 teaspoon vinegar or lemon juice.

1 clove of garlic.

Salt to taste.

How to make it:

In a bowl, beat the egg until it is well blended, in the old days it was done by hand with a mortar (this is how my grandmother, na Maria de Ca s'Arader used to do it), nowadays it is better to do it with a mixer, it is faster and more efficient.

Continue adding the oil slowly while whisking constantly. It is important to pour the oil in slowly to allow the emulsion to form properly.

As the mixture thickens, you can add the vinegar or lemon juice and salt. Continue whisking until the mayonnaise reaches the desired consistency (emulsified).

Taste and adjust the seasoning to your preference.

If the mayonnaise is runny or not the right consistency, you can try adding another egg and continue whisking slowly while adding more oil. It is also important to make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature to help the emulsion.

Now you know a little bit more about this famous sauce....

I hope you enjoy making your own homemade mayonnaise sauce!

Come to Ca s'Arader and enjoy the Pleasure of Simple Things!


Ca s’Arader is named after Menorca’s artisan carpenters that used the wood from the indigenous wild olive tree to make all kinds of farming tools. In the olden days it was an essential role for the islands economy that was passed on from fathers to sons. Today, the few artisan carpenters or araders that are left, mostly make gates, tables, benches or stalls amongst other items.